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Dee Anderson, MA, NBC-HWC


Positive Psychology Well-Being Coach National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


Seaglass is discarded glass that no longer serves its original purpose, but undergoes a process of change resulting in a beautiful new form. 


Do you see your role shifting? Or want to? Do you see a beautiful future life that does not quite look like your current life?


Coaching can provide the environment, like the sea, where your positive change occurs. You will find your healthier, calmer, more prepared, confident self.

If we are to work together, we will meet on the beach of connection. You will bring me your challenges, I will bring you my expertise, and together we will create seaglass, a beautiful change from the strongest parts of you. 

                   - Dee Anderson                                                                                            


Personal Coaching


For Health and Well-Being, Life Transitions 

Executive Coaching


For Workplace Performance and Development 

Diversity & Inclusion Training


Build Relationships and Create an Affirming Culture


On Confidence:

Working with Dee, my confidence and self-worth increased, which helped me to know I could achieve what I wanted to do. Learning my strengths on a deeper level and working with my strengths really helped increase my confidence.   KE

On Overcoming Overwhelm:

I I felt comfort and validation from Dee's calm demeanor. I learned that where I was at the time was okay, which made me feel  less overwhelmed. Because she was calm about it, I did not beat myself up, but went forward with small action steps. I highly recommend working with Dee, especially if you feel stuck. - DE

On Coaching:

 ...fantastic writing coach. I am so grateful that you opened me up to the idea of writing in the style of memoir. Your help and encouragement was essential along the way. Dee, without you, this book would not exist. - KE 

On Coaching:

Thank you sooo much for your comments, suggestions and reactions.  Exactly what I needed!!  - CD

On Encouragement:

Working with Dee, the thing that sticks out for me most, is encouragement because, although I desperately wanted to write this book, I needed encouragement, and she always provided that. When I was down, she helped lift me up. Sometimes, you have, I guess what is called writer's block, where you just get stuck on a thought, and she would always say something that would help me move past that. If you're gonna write a book and it's your first one, I highly recommend a writing coach. I really believe now, that I wouldn't have started in the right way, in the right manner, to get to where I wanted to go. The other thing I want to recommend is to call Dee.  - LW

On Transformation:

I grew faster after I got all that down.