Executive Coaching


Your Confidential Thought Partner

Think of your executive coach as a confidential thought partner. Together, we will work with research-based methodologies through thought provoking sessions. Based on assessments of your skills and commitment level, I will provide direction, accountability, and support through encouragement and resources, so that you - or your employees - are able to reach strategically important professional goals.

Develop High Potential

Increase performance.

Facilitate Transition

Prepare for or manage change.

Act as a Sounding Board

Confidential sessions.

Address Derailing Behavor

Stay on the path to success.

Coaching Picks Up Where Training Leaves Off

Effectively implementing and integrating new skills, attitudes, and behaviors takes time and practice. The coaching relationship creates a safe space to discuss challenges, manage resistance, maintain motivation, and share successes.  


Areas of Specialization

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Stress Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Higher Education

Proven Results

Research shows that: 

  • Positive effects of coaching lasted at least two years, according to a study of 150 managers and executives. 
  • A study of 370 coaching participants showed growth from the 50th percentile to 93rd percentile of performance.

Strengths Based Coaching

I provide holistic, values based, action oriented coaching centered around connection, assessments, articulation, action, commitment and support.

New to Coaching? Special Limited Time Offer

If you have never engaged a coach before, you might want to try our limited time special: a month of coaching for $99!  Don't think you can accomplish much in one month?  Look at these results:

Pre coaching reported goal completion = 18%

Post coaching reported goal completion  = 75%

over 3 weeks